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Why is this platform so pioneering and effective?

Traditionally it is considered that travel industry staff rate traffic is useful and a benefit, because it helps to fill empty rooms, provides incremental revenue, and can encourage industry staff to help promote the hotel when they return home...

The STV platform is VERY different and offers significantly more than these benefits with its global distribution and methods of educating the travel trade ~ even before and without actual bookings!

Reasons why you should want your hotel to be featured on the STV platform


The primary reason for wishing to be featured on the STV Global platform is because we offer you 24/7 365 days per year FREE Global advertising, awareness and education of millions of travel agents and industry staff worldwide. Consider the value of this and the marketing costs saved in reaching the travel trade using conventional methods! 


Click here to see the volume of travel industry employees that read about our hotels and become educated and aware in the process.


The secondary reason is for the actual travel industry staff bookings generated, and the first hand education of these industry employees in your otherwise empty rooms!

Considering the rooms used are empty anyway and the primary reasons for being featured with STV above, hotels do not need to generate room revenue profit from industry staff educational rates and the STV programme. Rates should simply cover rooms division CPOR costs. Rates at this level are not loss making when used for the education of industry staff. There is no rate parity issues and ADR is not affected. Some hotels offset marketing budgets where needed as STV provides its extensive global marketing and awareness/education services FREE!

Join over 2000 independent hotels and hotel groups that use the STV platform for their global marketing and awareness and education of the world's travel trade.

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Staff Travel Voyage platform differs greatly from any conventional interline/agency operation.


We provide dedicated and extensive individual pages for each property, designed to educate the travel trade before, and for the many that do not have the time or budget to visit themselves on their own personal educational holiday.

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