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Travel Industry Staff Ambassadors

Travel Agents

Ranging from conglomerates to independents, from retail to wholesale, Staff Travel Voyage have access to over 1 million Travel Agents in our audience across the globe! 

Following a seemingly slow demise of the travel agent in the last decade, the trend is now returning with a vengeance, making it essential for hotels to maintain loyalty with this segment.

Tour Operators

Tour operators are always on the look out for ways to expand their portfolio and reach out to feature new destinations.

One simple educational stay has the potential to transform into an annual series of tours incorporating your hotel/s  

Airline Employees

Often highly under-estimated for their true potential as ambassadors for hotels, airline staff are simply their worlds largest influencers in the travel sector and the most capable of 'spreading the word'

Interacting with over 100 people per day that's potential word of mouth to over 1/2 Billion people globally. 91% of the developed world population knows at least one airline employee.

All about


and education

Our audience of up to 65 million industry professionals look directly to our website from over 200 country markets.


They look at our website daily to see the latest special educational holiday deals available to them ~ so our platform is truly the number one place to be seen by the travel trade fraternity.


The ones that do book and come and stay with you are a bonus! 

Our Global Markets

Welcome to a world of up to 65 million key Travel Industry Staff Ambassadors resident in over 200 country markets!

Each of them in a position to influence, help promote your services and create great global publicity to their own clients and audience in their own unique way ...

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