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The STV platform is the world's largest one-stop direct connection for hotels to reach, educate and influence the world's travel industry professionals FREE.

Access up to 65 million travel agents, tour operators and key travel industry staff that are in a position to recommend and promote your hotel to their clients and everyone

they come into contact

with on a daily basis.

You can also let them come and stay with you to experience your services first hand at special educational rates.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it is free. There is no cost or fees whatsoever for hotels to be featured on our platform with a dedicated educational page listing for the 1st year, and to recieve our extensive global marketing and awareness services. You can withdraw your hotel at any time and there is no obligation to be featured after the first year. 

Click here to read about fees for optional participation from the 2nd year onwards.


For the industry staff educational-rate reservation service we charge only 12% commission- only payable for actual bookings delivered the month after check-out. Alternatively we can charge this commission directly to the industry guest as form of deposit and the guest pays the balance (effectively net rate) direct to the hotel to avoid the need for commission payments by the hotel. 

Is there any workload or admin for the hotel?

No, none whatsoever. STV manages all page creation, marketing, distribution, reporting activities and workload. We simply require high resolution images of the property and rates.


Our booking engine is fully automated, providing hotels with a 30 second process to ‘confirm, offer alternative or reject’ bookings. It couldn’t be easier!

What will the STV platform

do for you?

1) We provide your hotel with a dedicated hotel page listing, creating a global educational tool targeted only at the world's travel industry. Your page provides extensive information, picture gallery, videos and downloadable PDF’s - think of it as a micro training and educational website for your hotel!

Click here for a sample hotel listing page on our live website.

Click here for a sample hotel 'group' listing page.

2) Our platform is also a specialist hotel booking portal, enabling industry employees to book and come and experience your hotel at special ‘educational rates’ on a request basis - when you have empty rooms and need the assistance the most.

3) Enjoy targeted and highly segmented email campaign newsletters every month to our huge audience of industry staff to promote tactical short notice special offers. Global and selective country market distribution to suit your needs and requirements.

4) Receive regular Google Analytic reporting to show valuable statistics, highlighting page views for your hotel. Click here for sample reports showing how we can educate tens of thousands of travel industry employees about your hotel instantly!

5) Participate in joint venture strategic campaigns in association with STV and your national tourist board and ministry of tourism.

6) Special Promotional Banners on our Special Offers page and periodically on our Home Page. Click here for examples.

7) Periodic FREE inclusion in our Top 20 Hotels page. Click here to see more.

8) Receive a FREE Industry employee unbiased BLOG about your hotel with global distribution from one of our global STV Ambassadors. Click here for examples and to read more.

9) Receive a FREE Industry employee unbiased VBLOG video of your hotel with global distribution from our International Flight Attendant Videographer. Click here for examples and to read more.

10) Assistance to help the hotel maintain and grow existing country markets and stimulate and grow new and emerging country markets via our unprecedented, and the worlds largest distribution channel to employees of the travel trade in over 200 country markets!

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