Put your hotel on the world map today…and keep it there…it’s Free!

We guarantee to educate a minimum of 10’000 travel agents/industry staff about your hotel every 90 days – providing google analytic statistics to show they have spent a minimum of 1-2 minutes reading about the hotel in detail. Click here to see example hotel page.


Many hotels often receive over 5000 unique industry staff user page views in just a single weekend. Click here to view a sample analytic report to show industry staff visitors to your page, their country of residency and how long they have spent reading about your hotel.

Newsletters: Enjoy targeted and highly segmented email campaigns every month to our huge audience of industry staff to promote tactical short notice special offers. Global and selective country market distribution to suit your needs and requirements.


Dedicated educational page listing for the hotel, all marketing and distribution services:

Free for all hotels for the 1st year.

You can withdraw your hotel at any time and there is obligation to continue after the 1st year.  

2nd year fees range between usd $250 – usd $750 per calendar month per hotel dependant on hotel rating and 1st year pageviews. 6 and 12 month billing cycles available.


12% commission for actual bookings delivered invoiced on the 1st of each calendar month for all previous month check-outs. Payment options include bank transfer or credit card (no bank charges).

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