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Payment Policy

Payment is from the guest directly to the hotel, not via Staff Travel Voyage.

Payment is usually on check-in and can be guaranteed by credit card. ​At the time when you confirm a reservation in our extranet you have the opportunity to request credit card details through the messaging system. 

In circumstances where pre-payment is essential you can provide bank details to the guest at the time you confirm their reservation, or request their credit card details to arrange payment.

You can communicate with the industry guests at any time regarding their booking using our simple hotel-guest messaging service.

Cancellation Policy

We are a travel industry staff hotel booking portal, arranging educational experiences for the travel trade, not a tour operator, and therefore mainstream consumer cancellation policies should not be submitted. 

Please remember our travel industry staff rates are 'on request' and you are only confirming our bookings because you believe the room is going to be empty for the dates being requested. You are therefore unlikely to be losing revenue if the industry staff guest has to cancel.

Always remember the purpose of the STV travel industry staff program is to create loyalty, positive publicity, and awareness for your hotel within the world's travel trade, so it is best not to impose cancellation penalties on travel agents and industry staff if you do not need to!

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